The JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit


Every sneakerhead out there has that old beat up pair of kicks in the back of their closet which looks as if they are about to fall apart. You know, the pair you may have went hard in to many times on the court, or quite possibly a pair you just use to rock on the regular which has caused them to suffer from the elements you come across on the streets.

Theres no reason at all for those sneakers to just sit in the closet, no matter how beat they may look. With The JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit by JGoods its easy for anybody to breathe life back into their old, worn, beat shoes. With the help of this kid your sneakers which you once considered un-rockable can fit right back into your daily lineup again and look fresh again.

The kit includes all the necessary materials for sneaker restoration and the most comprehensive guide to sneaker care, cleaning and restoration available.

The kit includes:

  • The JGoods™ Guide to Sneaker Restoration
  • 12” by 12” white towel
  • Stiff Poly Scrub Brush
  • Melamine Foam Pad
  • JGoods Finish Remover
  • White and Black JGoods Leather Paint
  • One High Quality Paint Brush
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Scourer Sponge

If your interested in The JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit you can order one now through the JGoods Online Store. To see the results of what the kit can do when you follow the guide, as well as more pictures of the kid and whats included please follow the jump.









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