DC Life ‘Admiral Sport’ – More Pictures


We already took a look at the upcoming Admiral Sport from DC Life but apparently our friends over at DC forgot to include a few pictures so therfore we provide you with another look at the sneakers. The Admiral Sport is a revamped model of the Admiral, a model which has quickly become the staple for DC Life. This new revamped version uses the same style paneling throughout the upper however the cut of the sneakers is somewhat lower compared to the original Admiral. The ankle on the upper has been cut down a tad bit while the tongue however remains the same extending it up quite a ways past the top of the sneaker. Theres also the addition of a strap on the heel. The design of the Admiral Sport, with its large tongue, is perfect for those who like to rock their pants with the tongue sticking out.

Follow the jump to check out a few more pictures of the DC Life Admiral Sport and watch for the sneakers to become available during the Spring of 2010.









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