DJ Premier Speaks About DJ AM’s Death & Upcoming Nike Collaboration


As you should all know by now DJ AM was found dead on August 28th in his NYC apartment from what many are calling a drug overdose. Since DJ AM was such a big part of our community we have since put together a few posts in his honor such as the DJ AM Sneaker Collection Video and the DJ AM Sneaker Collection Pictures.

As you may or may not know, DJ AM was working closely with Nike on a new pair of Dunks for the East/West Rivalry Pack. In this audio clip DJ Premier, a close friend of DJ AM, speaks about his surprising death and the upcoming Nike collaboration him and DJ AM were working on. DJ Premier reveals that DJ AM designed a pair of Nike Dunks while he designed a pair of Nike Air Force Ones. According to DJ Premier to release is still going to happen since DJ AM had finished his design before his untimely death.

Check out the audio clip above. Be warned, if your at work you may want to turn the volume down a bit as the language used is not SFW.

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