DJ AM Sneaker Collection Pictures


When i woke up this morning i was still in shock about how DJ was found dead early yesterday evening in his NYC apartment. I personally only had the chance to meet him once but after yucking it up for about 10-15minutes i felt like i knew DJ AM for years. Thats just the kind of guy he was, he didnt act like he had celebrity status and was a level above the “average folks”.

Late last night, in honor of his life and his serious passion for sneakers we presented you the DJ AM Sneaker Collection Video which was filmed back in 2006 for MTV News.

Today we would like to provide you with some pictures that were taken during that segment with MTV News. The video clip didnt really display to many of DJ AM’s favorite sneakers like these pictures do.

DJ AM standing infront of his enormous sneaker shelf in his living room

DJ AM showing off Eminem Air Jordan 4 which was only produced in 50 pairs and given to friends and family of Eminem.

Another shot of the Eminem Air Jordan 4.

DJ AM loves his Eminem Air Jordan 4s this much.

DJ AM showing off a pair of deadstock Zoo York x Nike Dunk Lows

DJ AM proving to us they are really deadstock

The extra laces havent even been removed for the baggie.

DJ AM showing off one of his all time favorite sneakers, the Air Max 95.

Another shot of the Air Max 95.

DJ AM showing off a pair of Nike Air Force Ones which Nike designed just for him with his logo on them.

DJ AM logo on a pair of Air Jordan 1s.

A shot of the sneaker self where DJ AM keeps most of his favorite sneakers.

DJ AM showing off the collection of sneakers he has in his garage which he called the Ice Box since thats where most of the deadstock collection was.

DJ AM showing off more sneakers in his garage.

Boxes marked just like many of us do.

A random sneaker closet in DJ AM’s NYC apartment where more deadstock sneakers are kept on ice.

DJ Am showing off the Lebron James x Nike Air Force 1 Low

Another shot of the Lebron James x Nike Air Force 1 Low.

Official pair of the Air Jordan 1 from 1985.

DJ AM showing off a pair of extremely rare Deftones Nike Dunks. These were produced in 2003 with only 40 pairs being produced. They were never released to the public and only found themselves in the closets of Deftones band members, friends and crew.


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