Poll: How often do you clean your sneakers?


As i was cleaning up a pair of kicks today, the Jones Beach Air Force Ones to be exact, a friend had mentioned how he feels that i spend way to much time cleaning my sneakers. I will admit that i do clean my sneakers quite often, but then again doesnt that just go to show the love i have for them? Its sort of like my cars, another love of mine. I clean them atleast once or twice a week cause i cant stand something that i have a passion for looking as if i neglect it and could care less about how it appears. For a few minutes we got to arguing back and fourth about the matter, him saying i clean my sneakers to much and me saying he doesnt clean his enough.

Due to that we have decided to put together a poll asking our readers how often they clean their sneakers. Click here to check out the poll and vote!!

How often do you clean your sneakers?

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