Aqua Teen Hunger Force Custom Nike Dunks


Our friend Ryon, the brains behind Mizzee Customs has just sent us over some images of his latest custom sneakers which just so happen to be inspired by one of my favorite television shows, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

For the Aqua Teen Hungry Force Nike Dunks Ryon started off with the  an image of Meatwad on the mid-panel of the right sneaker with designs of Frylock and Master Shake close by. Meatwad is shown in front of a brick wall in the shape of a hot dog, a reference to the opening credits of ATHF where Meatwad is introduced. On the mid-panel of the left sneaker Ryon laid down the brick pattern again and applied the ATHF logo and a image of Carl, chest hair included. From there Ryon continued with the brick wall wrapping it around the heel of both sneakers. From there the names of each character, along with other random names were applied in graffiti style fashion somewhere within the brick wall design, another nod to the opening credits of the show. The characters themselves, Meatwad, Master Shake, Frylock and Carl all have an extra glossy finish to them to give them more on an animated look compared to their duller flat matte backgrounds.

Things dont stop there though cause when Ryon puts in the time for a design he really goes the extra step. Not only did he design these custom sneakers but to go along with them he designed a custom Aqua Teen Hunger Force box. The custom box features the mooninites recking havok in the ATHF living room while the rest of the box is made to look, and feel like a brick. A custom box is something Ryon has been including with a lot of his recent customs and if you ask us something like that really helps to wrap up the theme of the sneakers and make a 1 of a kind custom sneaker more unique then it already is in its own state.








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