Eddie Cruz (UNDFTD) Undergoes Emergency Surgery


Eddie Cruz, the man behind UNDFTD, one of the nations most well known retailers, was hospitalized yesterday to undergo emergency surgery to try and remove a brain tumor.

Earlier this month on August 1st Eddie had admitted himself to the hospital for having server pain in his left leg. Eddie had told us it was as if his leg had a seizure which caused him extreme pain all while sweating uncontrollably. Shortly after arriving at the hospital Eddie was restrained to a wheelchair due to the pain getting worse. The doctors doped him up on some pain killers and started to run some tests. It was discovered that same day, August 1st, that there was something (a tumor) on the side of Eddie’s brain. At that point doctors began to do even more tests. They also administered more pain medication to Eddie for his leg and some medication to reduce the swelling of the tumor which is believed to have been the cause of his leg seizure.

After a little more then two weeks after noticing the tumor on the side of Eddie’s brain he has been rushed in for emergency surgery to tumor. We are not quite sure if this emergency surgery is according to their procedure and what they actually had planned from the get-go or if Eddie’s health had declined causing the doctors to jump into surgery ASAP.

We here at Sneaker Obsession wish Eddie Cruz, his family and the UNDFTD family the best of luck during these hard times. We and thousands of others are pushing for you Eddie, heres to a fast recovery.

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