Nike Hypermax NFW ‘Tennis Ball Pack’ Coming to the US


Yesterday was defiantly a good day for us. Our homie Joe over at SneakerBistro informed us that the Neon Yellow Tennis Ball Nike Hypermax and the rest of the Hypermax Tennis Ball Pack which was originally released only as an international release will officially be coming to the states. The pack consists of three pairs of the Hypermax, all of which use bright neon colors with uppers made from a felt tennis ball like material, similar to those tennis ball hats from The Hundreds and ALIFE. You have neon red, neon blue and neon yellow which is sure to be the most popular of the three. All include a translucent outsole and neither of the three use Nikes flywire technology, hence the NFW.

This of course will be a limited release, specially with the neon yellow pair. We’re talking EXTREMELY limited. Only a very few Nike retailers in the US will be getting the Nike Hypermax NFW Tennis Ball Pack so hit up your local Nike retailers who are usually known to get Quickstrikes to find out if they are getting them or hit up SneakerBistro now to put in a pre-order.

nike-hypermax-nfw-tennis-ball-pack-2 nike-hypermax-nfw-tennis-ball-pack-3 nike-hypermax-nfw-tennis-ball-pack-4 nike-hypermax-nfw-tennis-ball-pack-5



Photos Via: RMK

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