Converse ‘Moonwalk’


Converse looks to prove to use yet again that the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is a template which can be modified and designed in more ways then one can count. Their latest Chuck design is completely out of the box and something we are sure a lot of people will find straight out odd.

We present to you the Converse ‘Moonwalk’. Using a regular pair of Chucks Converse literally took every panel and swapped it around creating a new model that now laces up on the heel. Seeing as how the upper has been swapped around Converse went ahead and swapped around the toe-cap and panels on the sole unit as well so now the rubber heel stamp is on the front of the sneakers.

The Converse ‘Moonwalk’ will be available sometime this week at Alife Rivington Club in very limited quanities.



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