Nike Air Force 1 ‘Pixel Fade’ Customs


With the recent posting of pixelized designs such as the Nike Blazer ‘Tecmo Bo’, Nike Sky Force ‘Tecmo Bo’ and the Lacoste Dot Fade Pack there is no better time to bring you the latest custom sneakers to emerge from JGoods.

Our friend Jon from JGoods did over a pair of Nike Air Force Ones which he has dubbed ‘Pixel Fade’. The shoes feature a blue pixel design on the heel panel that fades from back to front getting lighter and lighter as it creaps up the sneaker before turning completely white. The edges of the pixels are so smooth they give you the vibe they were factory made and done up with a machine but in fact they were hand painted by Jon. The Nike Swoosh and heel tab are both dripped in gold to create a nice contrast that really helps to break up the pixel design and bring the whole shoe together. The attention to detail is unparalleled as the shoes are outfitted with custom 1 of 1 JGoods insoles and tongue tags which read, “This particular pair is a one of one. That means none before it and none to come. Sincerely, JG (hand signed).”

Follow the jump to take a peek at some more detailed pictures and hit up JGoods now for all your custom footwear needs.






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