Nike Dunk ‘The Hundreds’ Customs


Due to the fact im a fan of The Hundreds, and the work of Jester from 3R Customsi gotta throw up one of his latest custom sneakers. These are The Hundreds Nike Dunks which you can see carry a very flashy looking design and an assortment of premium materials.

The frontal and heel panel of The Hundreds Nike Dunks features The Hundreds signature Jag pattern in a multitude of colors on a canvas base. The lace panels are black patent leather while the toe is white leather and the midpanel is black leather. On the outer side of the upper the Nike Swoosh has been removed completely and Adam Bomb, the Hundreds logo has been placed on the black mid-panel using a little bit on yellow canvas and red 3M material for his explosion. The tongues are made from nylon and stitched onto the top of both is a small white tongue tag with a black bomb printed on them. One of the finer details of the sneakers has to be the custom toe-box which has perforations in the shape of TH for The Hundreds.

Would i rock em? Honestly, no. Can i respect the work though and the time and attention to detail that went into them? Most defiantly. Jester does some amazing work and this is just one of the many custom sneakers of his which goes to show that.

Follow the jump for more detailed pictures including a look at the 3M action.










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