Would You Rock Em? Week 3


For week 1 of Would You Rock Em? we brought you an assortment of random designs from the Formula 50 Nike Dunks to the Juicy Fruit Nike Dunks. Week 2 we presented the Super Mario Pack with styles designed for Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toadstool, the Goombas and King Koopa.

This week, for the third installment of Would You Rock Em? we bring you the Kellogg’s Pack. The lineup consists of various colorups inspired by numerous Kellogg’s products such as Frosted Flakes, Special K, Rice Krispies Treats, Smacks, Apple Jacks and more. There are a ton of Kelloggs products out there but for now we just so complied a lineup of six. Maybe in the future we will put together some more.

Follow the jump to check out all the designs and vote in our poll provided.


Special K Nike Dunks – For the designing of these i went with a colorway inspired by the Special K box which is basically all white the big K and the Kellogs branding in red and the Special in blue.


Next up we got the Toucan Sam Nike Dunks which are obviously inspired by the popular Froot Loops bird. Theres a lot of colors used in Sams beck so i tried to get all his iconic colors in there while trying to maintain a decent balance of color and not having the sneakers turn out to be a big bright mess.


Here we have a pair deigned Digg Em from the Sugar Smacks box. Digg Em is known for wearing a green jacket with green pants and a yellow shirt with his name printed across it in red.


Yea Nike already did a pair of the Tony the Tiger Nike Dunks but we wanted to work up our own pair here, one which uses more of a tiger print.


No lie, i eat Rice Krispies Treats atleast 5 out of 7 days of the week, so i of course had to put together a pair of Rice Krispies Treats Nike Dunks.


Along with Rice Krispies Treats i start the day off with a few bowls of Apple Jacks. Over all these years i have always associated Apple Jacks with their signature orange and green therefore my Apple Jacks Nike Dunks are designed with just that.

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