Friday Night Match-Up: GO NUGGETS!!!


As promised, tonight’s match up will honor my beloved, Allen Iverson commandeered, Denver Nuggets (Who are currently beating my other favorite team, the Warriors). Instead of doing the traditional, easily predictable, Carmelo Anthony colorway Jordan 2’s, or doing a pair of M4’s, Questions, etc, I decided to switch it up and bring it back to…. the Good Ol’ Days. Enjoy.

Next week, I may bring out something from my own collection from our buddies at Risurch also paying tribute to both the Greatest pound for pound player in the game, and the Greatest himself.

Pics after the Jump

We’ll start off with the Finishline exclusive Air Max 97’s, in the Nuggets’ retro Rainbow colorway

These’ll run you about $190 on PYS


Next, we have more Rainbows (Guess this outfit would’ve been appropriate a few years ago at a gay pride rally) with a tee by The Imaginary Foundation, which can be found at for $24.99 (20% off with rep code Lilrip133, so really $20).


And finally, we have the fitted by none other than New Era which runs for $41 at


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