Props to Street Gear for the Jones Beach AF1

(Not my actual photo. Photo via: NINO BEATZ)

I wanna give a shout out to the folks over at Street Gear in Hempstead, LI. They are the folks behind the Jones Beach Air Force Ones and the ones who held a pair for me while i cut out of work early on some “personal business” and took the 1hr 45minute drive to Long Island to scoop them up.

While i was down there, Richard Leggio, the owner of Street Gear told me that his team is working on a new website for the shop which will keep people updated on the newest releases to hit the shop. The site is under construction at this time but for future reference you can find the website at StreetGearNYC. Since the shop is unable to see Nike releases online (one of the terms in a Nike contract) you will be able to hit up the website to see what they have in shop so you can place a call to the store and let them know what you want.

Once again props to Richard and the folks at Street Gear in Hempstead, LI who hooked your boy up with a pair of the Jones Beach AF1’s.

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