On eBay: Blue Lobster Nike SB Dunks


If you were one of the many who were unable to make it to Massachusetts for the release of the Blue Lobster Nike SB Dunks dont worry cause eBay has quite a few pairs listed. However, as im sure you already suspect, the prices arent all that cheap. BIN Auctions are starting at $700 and going well over $1000. If you wanna bid it out and try and beat a group of others dying to get their hands on a pair auctions are starting as low as $300 and reaching up to a couple hundred dollars. It all depends on what the auction offers, just the sneakers or the whole deal with the limited edition Alien Workshop x Concepts Skatedeck and the Nike SB t-shirt.

Head on over to eBay now if your interested. Move fast though cause once the first round sells out on eBay you can defiantly count of the prices being higher next time around.

Edit: If you dont wanna cop a pair off of eBay call your local Nike SB retailer cause word is the Blue Lobsters will be hitting select Nike SB retailers this week as a quickstrike release. The release will not include the special package and all the goodies which were released at Concepts though. Same drill as the Red Lobsters.

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