Samurai Magazine x MACKDADDY x Fila ‘Mack Squad’ Sneakers


To celebrate all the hard work put in and achievements earned to reach their 10th Anniversary, Samurai Magazine has teamed up with MACKDADDY to collaborate on a limited edition run of Fila sneakers.

Almost impossible to miss comes these vibrant Fila shoes known as the Mack Squad. The shoes have been done up in a few shades of lime green and accented with purple which comes in the form of some sort of cloth material. Defiantly not a color scheme which will fit everybodys taste but one which is defiantly unique in its own sense. Its nice to see Samurai Magazine getting involved with some more collaborations in the footwear industry cause whenever they seem to get down on a pair of kicks the outcome is always something original and something which is sure to catch some attention. Some of you may remember the unusual colorways used on the two New Balance H710J models which Samurai Magazine designed in collaboration with Mita back in 2006.

Im not quite sure on where you can scoop a pair of these up at the moment but according to Hypebeast retail price is ¥12,600 or approx. $128 USD.


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