Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo – Livestrong Stages Collection


Releasing this month will be (half of) The Cutters Collection, which is part of the popular Livestrong Stages Collection designed in collaboration between Nike and Lance Armstrong.

The Cutters Collection features a new Nike model known as the Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo. The model is a revamped design of the Nike City Tiempo which was originally designed as a soccer sneaker. Nike worked exclusively with eight bike riders from around the world to give the sneakers a fresh makeover designed for todays inner city bike riders. The sneakers keep the same silhouette as the original Nike City Tiempo however they include tougher leather to last through serious bike sessions and the wear that some pedals can cause on sneakers.

The Cutters Collection consists of eight Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo’s. Each model in the collection represents each of the riders and their respective city. The riders who Nike worked with and who had the chance to design their own Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo are; Jupiter Desphy from Los Angeles, Takaharu “Hal” Okada from Tokyo, Kyle Demers from New York City, Massan from San Francisco, Superted from London, Yorgo Tloupas representing Paris, Berlin’s Henrik Kuerschner, and Lance Armstrong from Austin, Texas. Besides for each of the sneakers having a unique color scheme all eight also include the iconic yellow Livestrong tag on the back of the tongue.

Watch for the Tokyo, Los Angeles, London and New York City versions to release this month at higher end Nike retailers in their respective cities. Another wards, the Tokyo version will release only in Japan, the LA version only in LA and so on.

Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo ‘Tokyo’




Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo ‘Los Angeles’




Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo ‘London’




Nike Air Zoom City Tiempo ‘New York City’




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