Nike SB Dunk ‘Miss Piggy’


We all love our quickstrike releases, specially when it comes to Nike SB Dunks, so lets take a sneak peek at one of the quickstrike releases coming next month in June. Nike SB must be going somewhere with fictional female characters cause this month saw a quickstrike release of the Ms Pacman Nike SB Dunk and next month one of the quickstrikes will be the Miss Piggy Nike SB Dunk. Dont worry though, you wont catch the Swine Flu from these.

The Miss Piggy Nike SB Dunks use a combo of pink, black and yellow through the shoes. Pink represents the fact Miss Piggy is a pig and the yellow represents her blonde hair. All we have for now is this preview picture thanks to Anonymous, so stay tuned for further details and a complete look at the sneakers when we get closer to their official release next month.

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