Seamless AF1 custom, AJ1 Force


I think this has to be the first time i have ever seen a custom job on the seamless AF1. When it comes to a sneaker like the seamless air force ones there are a lot of routes you can go. A sneaker like this is pretty much a blank canvas for an artist, no seams or anything to deal with. A guy by the name of Spoonman had a different idea. He was going to replicate an actual stitched sneaker. And he did a great job at that as well. The custom job was done for DJ Altimet. Spoonman did a nice clean job with the paint here, duplicating the stitching and everything to match a regular AF1 to a T. You can see a lot of time and effort went into these if you look at the detail. Personally, im not feeling the Jumpman logo on the side like that but hey, to each their own. Specially when its a custom job for somebody else, gotta go with what they like no matter what you may think. We at Sneaker Obsesession hope to see a lot more from Spoonman in the future. Feel free to check out his blog which contains more of his designs as well as other customs which he has done in the past.




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